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Separate Cell Text into Columns
Chapter 7: Importing Data into Excel
7 Click to select the check
box beside the delimiter
character that your text
data uses.
If you choose the correct
delimiter, the data
appears in separate
8 Click Next.
9 Click a column.
0 Click to select the data
format you want Excel to
apply to the column.
If you click the Date
option, you can use this
list to click the date
format your data uses.
! Repeat steps 9 and 10 to
set the data format for all
the columns.
@ Click Finish.
Excel asks if you want to
replace the contents of
the destination cells.
# Click OK (not shown).
Excel separates the data.
More Options!
If the column contains fixed-width text,
follow steps 1 to 4 to start the Convert
Text to Columns Wizard. Click to select
the Fixed Width option, and then click
Next. Click and drag a break line to set
the width of each column, and then click
Next. Follow steps 9 to 13 to complete
the wizard.
Before separating data into columns,
check the data to see exactly how many
columns Excel will create. For example, in
a column of contact names, if any of
those names use three words, Excel will
assume that you want to create two extra
columns for all the data, and it may
overwrite some of your existing data.
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