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Chapter 8: Querying Data Sources
Data Sources
If you want to build a table or a PivotTable
using a sorted, filtered subset of an external
data source, you must use Microsoft Query
to specify the sorting and filtering options
and the subset of the source data that you
want to work with.
extract a subset of the database: a table or
perhaps two or three related tables. You
may also require the data to be sorted in a
certain way, and you may also need to
filter the data so that you only work with
certain records.
Databases such as those used in Microsoft
Access and SQL Server are often very large
and contain a wide variety of data scattered
over many different tables. When your data
analysis requires a table or PivotTable, you
can never use an entire database as the
source for the report. Instead, you can
You can accomplish all three operations —
extracting a subset, sorting, and filtering —
by creating a database query, as described
in this chapter. Remember, however, that
for an Access database it is usually easier
to import the data directly from the
database to Excel; see Chapter 7 for details.
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