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Understanding Microsoft Query
Microsoft Query
In Excel, the program that you use to create
and run database queries is Microsoft Query.
You will learn how to use Microsoft Query in
this chapter. This section gets you started by
introducing you to various query concepts and
how they apply to Microsoft Query.
Microsoft Query is a special program that
you can use to perform all the database query
tasks mentioned in this section. You can use
Microsoft Query to create data sources, add
tables to a query, specify fields, filter records
using criteria, and sort records. You can also
save your queries as query files so that you can
reuse them later. If you start Microsoft Query
from within Excel, you can return the query
records to Excel and use them in a table or
Data Source
All database queries require two things at the
very beginning: access to a database, and an
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) data
source for the database installed on your
computer. ODBC is a database standard that
enables a program to connect to and
manipulate a data source. You learn how to
create a new data source in the next section,
“Define a Data Source.”
Database Query
Database queries make a large database more
manageable by enabling you to perform three
tasks: selecting the tables and fields you want
to work with; filtering the records so that you
only get the records you want; and sorting the
data that you are extracting.
Database Query
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