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Define a Data Source
Define a
Data Source
Before you can do any work in Microsoft
Query, you must select the data source that
you want to use. If you have a particular
database that you want to query, you can
define a new data source that points to the
appropriate file or server.
Most data sources point to database files. For
example, the relational database management
programs Access and Visual FoxPro use file-based
databases. You can also create data sources based
on text files and Excel workbooks. However,
some data sources point to server-based
databases. For example, SQL Server and Oracle
run their databases on special servers.
As part of the data source definition, you need
to include the software driver that Microsoft
Query uses to communicate with the database.
For example, an Access database requires an
Access driver, a SQL Server database requires a
SQL Server driver, and so on.
Finally, you must include in the data source
any information that you require to access the
database. Most file-based databases do not
require a login, but some are protected with a
password. For server-based data, you are
almost certainly required to provide a
username and password.
1 Click the Data tab.
2 Click Get External Data.
3 Click From Other
4 Click From Microsoft
The Choose Data Source
dialog box appears.
5 Click New Data Source.
6 Click to deselect the
Use the Query Wizard
to Create/Edit Queries
check box.
7 Click OK.
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