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Define a Data Source
Chapter 8: Querying Data Sources
The Create New Data
Source dialog box
8 Type a name for your
data source.
9 Use this drop-down list to
select the database driver
that your data source
0 Click Connect.
The dialog box for the
database driver appears.
Note: The steps that follow show
you how to set up a data source for
a Microsoft Access database.
! Click Select.
The Select Database
dialog box appears.
More Options!
Many medium- and large-sized businesses store their data on the Microsoft SQL Server
database system. This is a robust and powerful server-based system that can handle the
largest databases and hundreds or thousands of users. If you need to define a data
source for a SQL Server installation on your network or some other remote location, first
follow steps 1 to 8.
In the drop-down list of database drivers, click SQL Server. Click the Connect button to
display the SQL Server Login dialog box. Ask your SQL Server database administrator for
the information you require to complete this dialog box.
Type the name or remote address of the SQL Server in the Server text box, type your
SQL Server login ID and password, and then click OK. Perform steps 16 and 17 later in
this section to complete the SQL Server data source.
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