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Export Ribbon Customizations to a File
Export Ribbon
Customizations to a File
You can make it easy to apply Ribbon and
Quick Access Toolbar customizations on
another computer by exporting your own
customizations to a file.
Customizing the Ribbon or the Quick Access
Toolbar is not a difficult process, but it can be
time-consuming, particularly if you want to
make a substantial number of changes. If you
use Excel 2010 on another computer, it is
likely that you will want to have the same
customizations on the other computer so that
you are dealing with a consistent interface no
matter where you do your spreadsheet work.
Rather than wasting valuable time repeating
the same customization steps on the other
computer, you can export your customizations
to a file. You can then import that file on the
other computer, and Excel automatically
applies the customizations for you.
1 Right-click any part of the
2 Click Customize the
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
Excel automatically
displays the Customize
Ribbon tab.
3 Click Import/Export.
4 Click Export All Ribbon
and Quick Access Toolbar
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