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Define a Data Source
Define a Data
Source (continued)
Your system probably comes with a few data
sources already defined, and you can use these
predefined data sources instead of creating
new ones.
In the Choose Data Source dialog box, the list
in the Databases tab often shows one or more
predefined data sources. These data sources are
created by programs that you install on your
system. When you install Microsoft Office and,
in particular, the Microsoft Query component,
the installation program creates three default
data sources: dBase Files, Excel Files, and MS
Access Database. These are incomplete data
sources, as they do not point to a specific file.
Instead, when you click one of these data
sources and then click OK, Microsoft Query
prompts you for the name and location of the
file. These data sources are useful if you often
switch the files that you are using. However, if
you want a data source that always points to a
specific file, you can follow the steps in this
@ Open the folder that
contains the database.
# Click the database file.
$ Click OK.
You are returned to
the database driver’s
dialog box.
If you must provide
a login name and
password to access the
database, click Advanced
to display the Set
Advanced Options dialog
box. Type the login name
and password and then
click OK.
% Click OK.
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