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Tour the Microsoft Query Window
Tour the Microsoft
Query Window
Chapter 8
You can get the most out of Microsoft Query
if you understand the layout of the screen and
what each part of the Microsoft Query window
Although you have not yet created a query
using the Microsoft Query program, it is
worthwhile to pause now and take a look at
the various elements that make up the
Microsoft Query window. Do not worry if what
you currently see on your screen does not look
like the window shown in this section. By the
time you finish this chapter, you will have seen
and worked with all the elements shown here.
Query Window
This window is where you
create and edit, as well as
preview, the results. The
query window is divided into
three panes: the table pane,
the criteria pane, and the
results pane.
The toolbar contains buttons
that give you one-click access
to many of the most useful
features in Microsoft Query.
Table Pane
This pane displays one list for
each table that you add to
the query. For more
information, see the section,
“Add a Table to the Query.”
Each list shows the fields that
are part of the table. Click
View and then click Tables to
toggle this pane on and off.
Criteria Pane
This pane is
where you
define the
criteria that
filter the
records you
want to return
to Excel. For
see the
section, “Filter
the Records
with Query
Criteria.” Click
View and then
click Criteria
to toggle
this pane on
and off.
Query Results
This pane gives you a preview of the fields
and records that your query will return to
Excel. As you add fields to the query,
change the query criteria, and sort the
query (see the section, “Sort the Query
Records”), Microsoft Query automatically
updates the results pane (also called the
data grid ) to show you what effect your
changes will have.
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