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Add a Table to the Query
Add a Table
to the Query
With your data source running and Microsoft
Query started, the next step you must take is
to add a table to the query.
In a database, a table is a two-dimensional
arrangement of rows and columns that contain
data. The columns are fields that represent
distinct categories of data, and the rows are
records that represent individual sets of field
data. In some database management systems,
the actual database files are tables. However, in
most systems, each database contains a number
of tables. Therefore, your first Microsoft Query
task in most cases is to select which table you
want to work with.
Note, too, that many database systems also
enable you to filter and sort data using their
own versions of the querying process. Creating
a query in Microsoft Access, for example, is
similar to creating one in Microsoft Query. By
default, when Microsoft Query shows you a list
of the tables in the database, it also includes
any queries that are defined in the database, so
you can add these objects to your query, if
1 Click Table.
2 Click Add Tables.
Note: When you start Microsoft
Query from Excel, the Add Tables
dialog box appears automatically, so
you can skip steps 1 and 2.
The Add Tables dialog
box appears.
You can also open this
dialog box by clicking the
Add Tables toolbar
3 Click the table you want
to add.
4 Click Add.
Microsoft Query adds the
table to the table pane.
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