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Add a Table to the Query
Chapter 8: Querying Data Sources
5 Repeat steps 3 and 4 if
you want to add multiple,
related tables to the
If the tables are related,
Microsoft Query displays
a join line that connects
the common fields.
6 Click Close.
You are now ready to
add fields to the query,
as described in the next
More Options!
If two tables are related, but no join line
appears, you can create the join yourself.
After you add the two tables to your query,
click Table and then click Joins to display
the Joins dialog box. In the Left list, click the
common field from one of your tables. In
the Right list, click the common field from
the other table. In the Operator list, click =
(equals). Click the Add button to add the
join to the query, and then click Close.
Remove It!
To remove a table from the query, first
click the table in the table pane. Click
Table and then click Remove Table.
Alternatively, click the table and then
press Delete. Microsoft Query deletes
the table list. If you added fields from
the table to the criteria pane or the
results pane, Microsoft Query removes
those fields as well.
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