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Add Fields to the Query
Add Fields
to the Query
To display records in the query’s results pane,
you must first add one or more fields to the
After you add one or more tables to the query,
your next step is to filter the resulting records
so that you return to Excel only the data you
need. Filtering the records involves two tasks:
specifying the fields you want to work with and
specifying the criteria you want to apply to
records. This section shows you how to add
fields — or columns, as Microsoft Query calls
them — to the query. See the next section,
“Filter the Records with Query Criteria,” to
learn how to add criteria to the query.
At the top of each table list, you see an
asterisk (*) item. The asterisk item represents
all the fields in the table. So if you know that
you want to include in your query every field
from a particular table, you can do this easily
by adding the asterisk “field” to the query.
1 Click Records.
2 Click Add Column.
1 2
The Add Column dialog
box appears.
3 In the Field drop-down
list, click the field you
want to add.
If you want to use a
different field name, you
can use the Column
Heading text box to type
the new name.
4 Click Add.
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