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Filter the Records with Query Criteria
Filter the Records
with Query Criteria
To display specific records that you want to
return to Excel, you must use criteria to filter
the records.
After you add your fields to the data grid, your
next step is to specify which records you want
to include in the results. You can do this by
specifying the conditions that each record must
meet to be included in the results. These
conditions are called criteria, each of which is
an expression — an operator and one or more
values — applied to a specific field. Only those
records for which the expression returns a true
answer are included in the query results.
You can enter just a single criterion or you can
enter two or more criteria. If you use multiple
criteria, you must decide if you want Microsoft
Query to include in the results those records
that match all the criteria, or those records
that match any one of the criteria.
1 Click the Show/Hide
Criteria icon.
Microsoft Query displays
the criteria pane.
2 Click Criteria.
3 Click Add Criteria.
The Add Criteria dialog
box appears.
4 Use the Field drop-down
list to select the field to
which you want the
criteria applied.
5 Use the Operator
drop-down list to select
the operator you want
to use.
6 Type the value or values
for the criteria.
To use a value from the
selected field, you can
click Values, click the
value you want to use,
and then click OK.
7 Click Add.
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