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Filter the Records with Query Criteria
Chapter 8: Querying Data Sources
Microsoft Query adds the
criteria to the criteria
Microsoft Query filters
the results to show only
those records that satisfy
the criteria.
Note: If you do not want to specify
multiple criteria, skip to step 10.
8 Select the And option to
add another criterion and
to display records that
meet all the criteria you
You can also select the
Or option to display
records that meet at least
one of the criteria that
you specify.
9 Repeat steps 3 to 7 until
you have added all the
criteria that you want to
appear in the query.
0 Click Close.
Microsoft Query filters
the records to show just
those that match your
Change It!
To change the field to which a criteria
expression applies, click the field name
and then use the drop-down list to
click the field you want to use. To change
the criteria expression, either edit the
expression directly in the criteria pane, or
double-click the expression to display the
Edit Criteria dialog box. Use the Operator
drop-down list and the Value text box to
specify a different expression, and then
click OK.
Remove It!
If you no longer need a criterion in the
query, you should delete it from the
criteria grid. Click the bar just above the
field name to select the entire criterion;
note that Microsoft Query does not ask
for confirmation when you delete a
criterion, so be sure you click the correct
one. Then press Delete. If you want to
remove all the criteria and start over, click
Criteria and then click Remove All Criteria.
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