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Sort the Query Records
Sort the Query
You can sort the query results on one or more
fields to get a good look at your data.
You can sort the records either in ascending
order (0 to 9, A to Z) or descending order
(9 to 0, Z to A). You can also sort the records
based on more than one field. In this case,
Microsoft Query sorts the records using the
first field, and then sorts within those results
on the second field. For example, in the
invoice data, suppose you are sorting first on
the OrderID field and then on the Quantity
field. Microsoft Query first orders the records
by OrderID. Then, within each OrderID value,
Microsoft Query sorts the Quantity field
1 Click Records.
2 Click Sort.
The Sort dialog box
3 In the Column drop-down
list, click the field you
want to sort.
4 Click the Ascending or
Descending option to
select a sort order.
5 Click Add.
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