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Sort the Query Records
Chapter 8: Querying Data Sources
Microsoft Query sorts the
records in the results
Microsoft Query adds the
sort to the Sorts in Query
6 Repeat steps 3 to 5 until
you have added all the
sorts that you want to use.
7 Click Close.
Microsoft Query sorts the
If you only want to sort
the query results on a
single field, you can click
any cell in that field and
then click one of the
following icons:
Click the Sort Ascending
icon to sort the field in
ascending order.
Click the Sort Descending
icon to sort the field in
descending order.
More Options!
You can use the toolbar to sort on multiple
fields. First, organize the fields in the results pane
so that all the fields you want to use in the sort
are side by side, in the order you want to apply
the sort. Click and drag the mouse pointer from
the heading of the first sort field to the heading
of the last sort field. You should now have all the
sort fields selected. Finally, click either the Sort
Ascending or Sort Descending icon.
Remove It!
If you have applied a sort that you
no longer want to use, you should
remove it from the query. Click
Records and then click Sort to
display the Sort dialog box. In the
Sort in Query list, click the sort that
you want to delete, and then click
the Remove button.
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