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Return the Query Results
Return the
Query Results
After you finish adding fields to the query,
filtering the data using criteria, and sorting the
data, you are ready to return the results to
Excel for use in your worksheet.
Microsoft Query is just a helper application, so
the data that resides in the query results does
not really “exist” anywhere. To manipulate
or analyze that data, you must store it in a
different application. In your case, you are
interested in using the query results as the
source data for an Excel table or PivotTable
report. Therefore, you need to return the
query results to Excel, and then start a new
table or PivotTable based on those results.
If you think you will reuse the query at a
later date, you should save the query before
returning the results. This section also shows
you how to save and open Microsoft Query
1 Click File.
You can combine steps 1
and 2 by clicking the
Return Data icon in the
2 Click Return Data to
Microsoft Excel.
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