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Chapter 9: Protecting Excel Data
Excel Data
Many Excel models are exceedingly
complex structures that are the result of
many hours of patient and painstaking
work. However, even simple Excel
worksheets may contain data that is vital
and irreplaceable. Whether your Excel data
is complex, important, or one-of-a-kind,
you want to protect that data to avoid
having to recreate your work or to ensure
that you do not lose crucial information.
multiple layers of protection to your data.
As you will see in this chapter, Excel
enables you to protect data at four levels:
at the workbook level by preventing file
changes and ensuring your work is saved;
at the worksheet level by protecting sheet
data and hiding sheets from others; at the
range level by applying range passwords
and tracking changes; and even at the cell
level by locking cells and hiding formulas.
Fortunately, Excel is loaded with useful and
powerful tools that enable you to apply
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