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Open a Read-Only Version of a Workbook
Open a Read-Only
Version of a Workbook
You can prevent accidental edits and other
workbook changes by opening a read-only
version of a file.
Once you have a workbook just the way you
want it, you may still have to open the file
from time to time to check some data. Each
time you open the file, there is some danger
that you will accidentally add, edit, or delete
data. If you realize your mistake, you can click
Undo or close the file without saving your
However, if your goal is to prevent accidental
changes to a document, perhaps the easiest
solution is to open the document as read-only.
You can still make changes to the document,
but you cannot save those changes. If you
select the Save command for a read-only
workbook, Excel displays the Save As dialog
box and forces you to save the revised
workbook to a different file.
1 Click File.
2 Click Open.
The Open dialog box
3 Open the folder
containing the workbook
you want to open.
4 Click the workbook.
5 Click the Open
drop-down arrow.
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