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Mark a Workbook as Final to Avoid Accidental Editing
Mark a Workbook as Final
to Avoid Accidental Editing
You can help ensure that neither you nor
anyone else can make accidental changes to a
workbook by marking that workbook as final.
When other people will be opening a
workbook, the read-only options discussed in
the “Open a Read-Only Version of a
Workbook” section are less-than-perfect
solutions because they rely upon the other user
making the choice to open the workbook as
read-only. If you want to ensure that a
workbook is always opened in read-only mode,
Excel offers a more effective technique:
marking the workbook as final. This feature
puts the workbook in a default read-only state
each time it is opened. Users can still elect to
edit the file.
1 Open the workbook you
want to protect.
2 Click File.
3 Click Info.
4 Click Mark as Final.
5 In the warning dialog box
that appears, click OK.
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