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Mark a Workbook as Final to Avoid Accidental Editing
Chapter 9: Protecting Excel Data
6 In the dialog box that
appears, click OK.
Excel opens a read-only
version of the workbook.
The Marked as Final
message bar appears.
Excel hides the Ribbon.
More Options!
Although Excel hides the Ribbon when
you open a workbook that has been
marked as final, some Ribbon commands
are still enabled. For example, on the
Home tab you can still use the Copy and
Find commands. Similarly, most of the
commands on the View tab still operate
Reverse It!
If you open a workbook marked as final
and decide you want to make changes to
the workbook, you can enable editing in a
couple of ways. If you see the Mark as
Final message bar, click the Edit Anyway
button; if you do not see the message
bar, click File, click Info, and then click to
select the This Workbook is Still Being
Edited option.
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