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Protect Workbooks by Shortening the AutoRecover Interval
Protect Workbooks by Shortening
the AutoRecover Interval
You can help prevent losing unsaved changes
by configuring Excel to use a shorter
AutoRecover interval.
To minimize the amount of work lost if your
document shuts down without warning (and
therefore minimize the amount of time you
have to spend redoing that work), you can do
two things. First, get into the habit of saving
frequently, at least every few minutes; second,
use the Excel AutoRecover feature, which
tracks changes made to a document, and
enables you to recover files that had unsaved
changes in the event of a program crash.
AutoRecover is one of those great tools that
you hope you never have to use. If
AutoRecover has a downside, it is that the
default interval for saving the recovery data is
every 10 minutes. That might sound quite
short, but when you are focused, you can get
quite a bit of work done in 10 minutes. To
help AutoRecover recover even more of your
work, you should shorten the interval.
1 Click File.
2 Click Options.
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
3 Click Save.
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