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Protect Workbooks by Shortening the AutoRecover Interval
Chapter 9: Protecting Excel Data
4 Click to select the Save
AutoRecover Information
Every check box.
5 Use the spin box to set
the AutoRecover interval,
in minutes.
6 Click OK.
Excel puts the new
AutoRecover interval into
For small workbooks, a shorter
AutoRecover interval is better.
However, for large workbooks,
saving the AutoRecover data can
take Excel a noticeable amount of
time, so a very short interval can
slow you down. Try a 4- or
5-minute interval as a compromise.
More Options!
When you close a workbook that contains unsaved
changes, Excel prompts you to save those changes.
If you click No, you might regret that decision later
on. To prevent this, you can configure Excel to
automatically preserve a full copy of any file that
you close without saving. Follow steps 1 to 4, and
then click to select the Keep the Last Auto
Recovered File If I Close without Saving check box.
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