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Specify the Cells that Users Can Edit
Specify the Cells that
Users Can Edit
If other people will be entering or editing data
in a worksheet, you can ensure that those users
do not edit the wrong cells by specifying the
cells that they are allowed to edit.
A common Excel scenario is to create a
worksheet template or data entry model for
other people to use to enter or edit data. In
such worksheets, you generally do not want
the users to edit, format, or delete the cells
that create the worksheet structure — the
model’s labels, headings, formulas, and
instructions. However, it is not practical to
protect the entire worksheet because the user
must be able to enter or edit data in the
appropriate places.
The solution is to configure the data entry cells
as unlocked . That way, when you turn on
protection for the worksheet, users will only be
able to edit those unlocked cells. For more
information, see the section, “Protect the Data
in a Worksheet.”
1 Display the worksheet
that contains the cells
you want to work with.
2 Select the cells you want
to unlock.
3 Click the Home tab.
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