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Specify the Cells that Users Can Edit
Chapter 9: Protecting Excel Data
4 Click Format.
5 Click Lock Cell.
Excel unlocks the selected
Note: Remember that the
remaining cells are not locked until
you protect the worksheet; for more
information, see the section,
“Protect the Data in a Worksheet.”
Did You Know?
In some cases, you might prefer to unlock
all but a few selected cells. To do this, first
press Ctrl+A to select all the cells in the
worksheet, and then follow steps 2 to 4
to unlock them. Select the cells you want
to be protected and then follow steps 2
to 4 to lock them.
More Options!
If you do not want users to make any
changes to a worksheet, you should lock
every cell in the sheet. All sheet cells are
locked by default, so if you have not
unlocked any cells, then you can leave
everything as is and turn on the
worksheet protection (as described in the
section, “Protect the Data in a
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