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Hide a Formula
Hide a
You can configure a cell to hide its formula so
that other people cannot see it.
If you will be distributing a workbook to
other people, there may be elements of the
workbook that you do not want them to see.
A good example is a formula that is proprietary
or that contains private data. If you do not
want other users to see that formula, you can
configure the formula’s cell to hide it.
When you then turn on protection for the
worksheet, the hidden formula does not appear
in the formula bar when a user selects the cell.
If the cell is also locked, then users also cannot
edit the cell, which means they cannot view
the formula in the cell. For more information,
see the sections, “Protect the Data in a
Worksheet” and “Specify the Cells that Users
Can Edit.”
1 Display the worksheet
that contains the cell you
want to work with.
2 Select the cell that
contains the formula you
want to hide.
Note: You can select multiple cells,
if needed.
3 Click the Home tab.
4 Click Format.
5 Click Format Cells.
You can also press
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