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Protect a Range with a Password
Protect a Range
with a Password
If you want to prevent unauthorized users
from editing within a range, you can set up
that range with a password.
If you will be distributing a workbook that
contains important data or formulas in a range,
you want to ensure that other users do not edit
or delete that range. You could lock the range
(see the section, “Specify the Cells that Users
Can Edit”), but what if you want to edit the
range yourself, or what if you want a few
trusted users to be able to edit the range? In
this scenario, you can protect the range with a
password, and then distribute that password
only to the trusted users.
When you then turn on protection for the
worksheet, only authorized users who know
the password can edit the range. When a user
attempts to open any cell in the range for
editing, Excel displays a dialog box that
prompts the user for the password. For more
information, see the section, “Protect the Data
in a Worksheet.”
1 Select the range you
want to protect.
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click Allow Users to Edit
The Allow Users to Edit
Ranges dialog box
4 Click New.
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