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Protect the Data in a Worksheet
Protect the Data
in a Worksheet
You can activate the Excel options for
safeguarding worksheet data by activating the
sheet’s protection feature.
In the previous three sections, you saw three
methods you can use to safeguard worksheet
data: you can unlock only those cells that users
are allowed to edit; you can configure a cell
not to show its formula when the cell is
selected; and you can configure a range to
require a password before it can be edited.
To put some or all of these safety features into
effect, you must then activate the protection
option for the worksheet. You can also
configure the worksheet to require a password
to unprotect it. This means that no one can
turn off the worksheet’s protection without
first entering the password.
1 Display the worksheet
you want to protect.
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click Protect Sheet.
The Protect Sheet dialog
box appears.
4 Make sure the Protect
Worksheet and Contents
of Locked Cells check box
is selected.
5 Use the Password to
Unprotect Sheet text box
to type a password.
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