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Protect a Workbook’s Windows and Structure
Chapter 9: Protecting Excel Data
If you specified a
password, Excel asks you
to confirm it.
8 Type the password.
9 Click OK.
If you protected the
windows, Excel hides the
window controls.
If you protected the
windows, Excel disables
many window-related
commands on the View
If you protected the
structure, Excel disables
most sheet-related
commands on the sheet
shortcut menu.
Reverse It!
If you no longer need to protect a
workbook’s windows and structure, you
should turn off the workbook protection
to make the workbook easier to work
with. Display the workbook you have
protected, click the Review tab, and then
click Protect Workbook. In the Unprotect
Workbook dialog box, type the unprotect
password and then click OK.
More Options!
You can also protect and unprotect a
workbook using the File tab. Click the File
tab and then click Info to display the Info
pane. Click the Protect Workbook button,
click Protect Workbook Structure, and
then follow steps 4 to 9. To unprotect the
workbook, click the File tab, click Info,
click the Protect Workbook button, and
then click Protect Workbook Structure.
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