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Restore a Previous Version of a Workbook
Restore a Previous Version
of a Workbook
If you improperly edit a workbook, accidentally
delete it, or corrupt it through a system crash,
you can often restore a previous version of the
The Excel AutoRecover feature protects your
data by automatically saving your work at a
specified interval. (For more information, see
the section, “Protect Workbooks by
Shortening the AutoRecover Interval.”) In
Excel 2010, each time the AutoRecover
interval comes up, the program checks to see if
the current workbook has unsaved changes. If
it does, Excel takes a “snapshot” of the
workbook’s current contents and saves that
state of the workbook as a previous version of
the file.
This gives Excel the capability to reverse the
changes you have made to a file by reverting to
the version of the file that existed when Excel
took its AutoRecover snapshot.
1 Open the workbook you
want to work with.
2 Click the File tab.
3 Click Info.
Excel displays the
previous versions of the
4 Click the version you
want to restore.
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