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Restore a Previous Version of a Workbook
Chapter 9: Protecting Excel Data
The Autosaved Version
message bar appears.
5 Click Restore.
Excel warns you that you
will overwrite the most
recently saved version of
the workbook.
6 Click OK.
Excel restores the
previous version of the
Did You Know?
Why would you want to revert to a
previous version of a workbook? One
reason is that you might improperly edit
the file by deleting or changing important
data. In some cases, you may be able to
restore that data by going back to a
previous version of the file. Another reason
is that the file might become corrupted if
the program or Windows crashes. You can
get a working version of the file back by
restoring a previous version.
More Options!
What happens if you never saved a new
workbook and you lost your work either
by closing the file without saving or
because of a program or system crash?
Excel 2010 maintains draft versions of
new and unsaved workbooks. Click File,
click Info, and then click the Manage
Versions button. Click Recover Draft
Versions to open the Unsaved Files folder,
click the draft version you want to recover,
and then click Open.
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