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Hide a Worksheet
Hide a
You can hide a worksheet so that it no longer
appears in the workbook. This is useful if you
need to show the workbook to other people,
but the workbook contains a worksheet with
sensitive data that you do not want them
to see.
Another common reason to hide a worksheet is
to avoid having other people edit, add to, or
delete data on the worksheet. Although it is
relatively easy for someone to unhide a
worksheet, most people do not look for hidden
worksheets, so hiding the worksheet is a quick
and simple data protection measure.
If you want to ensure that another person
cannot unhide the worksheet, then you must
protect the workbook’s structure. For more
information, see the section, “Protect a
Workbook’s Windows and Structure.”
Hide a Worksheet
1 Click the tab of the
worksheet you want to
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Format.
4 Click Hide & Unhide.
5 Click Hide Sheet.
You can also right-click
the worksheet tab and
then click Hide Sheet.
Excel temporarily
removes the worksheet
from the workbook.
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