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Track Workbook Changes
Chapter 9: Protecting Excel Data
To filter the displayed
changes by reviewer,
click to select the Who
check box and then use
the drop-down list to
select users.
The Who list contains
Everyone and Everyone
but Me. Later, when
other users have made
changes, the list includes
the name of each
To specify the tracked
range, click to select the
Where check box, click
the range box, and then
select the range.
6 Click OK.
Excel displays a dialog
box letting you know that
it will save your
7 Click OK.
When you activate Track Changes, Excel does not
track formatting changes. Excel also prevents users
from performing a number of operations, including
the following: inserting and deleting ranges
(although you can insert and delete entire rows
and columns); inserting charts, symbols, pictures,
diagrams, objects, and hyperlinks; deleting or
moving worksheets; applying conditional
formatting; working with scenarios; subtotaling,
validating, grouping, and outlining data; merging
cells; and checking for formula errors.
More Options!
By default, Excel keeps track of
changes made for the past 30 days.
To change the number of days of
history that Excel tracks, click the
Review tab and then click the Share
Workbook button to open the
Share Workbook dialog box. Click
the Advanced tab. Use the Keep
Change History for X Days spin box
to set the number of days you want
to save, and then click OK.
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