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Chapter 10: Maximizing Excel Security and Privacy
Maximizing Excel
Security and Privacy
Excel security and privacy are multi-faceted
topics that encompass a number of
different concerns. For example, much of
Excel security is concerned with external
threats to your documents and even to
your computer. The most common concern
here is the threat of malicious code
embedded in workbooks and Visual Basic
for Applications (VBA) macros, so Excel
offers a number of techniques you can use
to block malicious programs.
Also, there is the important concept of
Excel privacy, which mostly deals with
preventing the inadvertent leak of private
data, from personal information to
corporate knowledge such as payroll data
or trade secrets. Excel offers a number of
methods you can apply to ensure data
privacy for your Excel workbooks.
This chapter takes you through various
Excel tips and techniques that cover
different aspects of Excel security and
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