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Open a Workbook in Protected View
Open a Workbook
in Protected View
You can ensure that a potentially unsafe
workbook does no harm to your documents or
to your system by opening that workbook in
Protected View.
You probably know that VBA macros may
contain unsafe code that can harm your
system. However, malicious programmers have
also figured out how to hack some Excel file
types so that when you open a compromised
workbook, the malicious code runs
To help you protect yourself from such files,
Excel 2010 offers Protected View, a new file
opening option that not only puts a workbook
into read-only mode, but also ensures that any
malicious code in the workbook cannot harm
your system. Excel 2010 automatically opens
workbooks in Protected View when you open
a file from the Internet or from an e-mail
attachment. However, it is also possible to
open any workbook in Protected View.
1 Click File.
2 Click Open.
The Open dialog box
3 Open the folder
containing the workbook
you want to open.
4 Click the workbook.
5 Click the Open
drop-down arrow.
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