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Set the Macro Security Level
Set the Macro
Security Level
You can gain more control over how Excel
treats macros by setting the macro security level.
VBA is a powerful programming language that
can make your life easier and more efficient.
Unfortunately, VBA’s power is all too often
used for nefarious ends — such as viruses that
can destroy entire systems — so Excel comes
with VBA macros disabled as a security
precaution. The exception is macros stored in
the Excel Personal Macro Workbook, which
you can always run.
You can adjust the Excel macro security setting
to one of the following values:
Disable All Macros without Notification — Excel
disables all macros and does not give you a way
to enable then. This gives you total macro safety,
but it is more than what most people require.
Disable All Macros with Notification — Excel
warns you when a document you are about to
open contains macros. It disables the macros
but gives you the option of enabling them.
Disable All Macros Except Digitally Signed
Macros — Excel only enables macros if they
come from a source that has digitally signed
the VBA project.
Enable All Macros — Excel runs all macros
without prompting.
1 Click File.
2 Click Options.
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
3 Click Trust Center.
4 Click Trust Center
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