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Set the Macro Security Level
Chapter 10: Maximizing Excel Security and Privacy
The Trust Center dialog
box appears.
If you have the Developer
tab displayed, a quicker
way to open the Trust
Center is to click the
Developer tab and then
click the Macro Security
icon ( ).
5 Click Macro Settings.
6 Click to select the security
level you want to use.
7 Click OK.
8 Click OK.
Excel puts the new macro
security level into effect.
If you are not sure which macro setting to use,
consider the Disable All Macros Except Digitally
Signed Macros option. With this setting, Excel only
enables macros if the VBA project has been
digitally signed using a trusted code-signing
certificate. Macros from any other source are
automatically disabled. This gives you almost total
macro safety. However, you need to self-sign your
own macros, as described in the section, “Digitally
Sign Your Excel Macros.”
If you do not have a virus
scanner installed, use the Enable
All Macros level if you only run
your own macros and you never
open documents created by a
third party. If you do have a virus
scanner, this level is probably
safe if you only open third-party
documents from people or
sources you know.
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