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Digitally Sign Your Excel Macros
Digitally Sign Your
Excel Macros
You can make it easier and more convenient to
run your own macros if you digitally sign your
VBA projects.
If you set Excel macro security to disable all
macros without notification, you immediately
run into a problem: Excel does not allow you
to run any of your own macros that reside
outside the Personal Macro Workbook. This
makes sense because Excel has no way to tell
whether you are the author of such macros. By
definition, macros in the Personal Macro
Workbook are yours, but code in any other file
could have come from a third party, which
makes that code a potential security risk.
However, it is possible to “prove” that you are
the author of your own macros. You can do
that by self-certifying, which creates a trust
certificate that applies only to your own work
and to using that work on your own computer.
After you run the SelfCert.exe program to
create your personal digital certificate as
described in this section, the next step is to
assign that certificate to a VBA project. Note
that you need to assign the certificate to each
project that contains macros you want to run.
1 Press Alt+F11.
Excel opens the Visual
Basic for Applications
2 Click the project to which
you want to assign the
3 Click Tools.
4 Click Digital Signature.
The Digital Signature
dialog box appears.
5 Click Choose.
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