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Create a Trusted Location for Opening Files
Create a Trusted Location
for Opening Files
You can make it easier to use macro-enabled
workbooks by creating a trusted location to
store those files.
For macros to work in Excel 2010, the
workbook must come with a digital signature
that is both valid and current, and the macro
developer must be set up on your computer as
a trusted publisher.
If you just want to run your own macros, you
need to sign your own projects, and then set
yourself up as a trusted publisher (see the
section, “Digitally Sign Your Excel Macros”).
If you do not want to sign your own VBA
projects, and you do not want to enable all
macros, Excel gives you a third choice: to store
your macro-enabled documents in a trusted
location. A trusted location is a folder that
Excel assumes contains only trustworthy
documents, so it automatically enables any
macros contained in those documents.
By default, Excel comes with several trusted
locations, but none of them are particularly
convenient for file storage. However, it is
possible to set up a more suitable folder as a
trusted location. For more information on
enabling macros, see the section, “Set the
Macro Security Level.”
1 Click File.
2 Click Options.
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
3 Click Trust Center.
4 Click Trust Center
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