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Inspect a Workbook for Private Data
Inspect a Workbook
for Private Data
If you will be distributing a workbook to other
users, you can use the Document Inspector to
remove personal information from the
Excel workbooks are often riddled with data
that can disclose information about you, other
people who have used the document, file
locations, e-mail addresses, and much more.
This type of information is known as metadata,
and if you are concerned about maintaining
your privacy, you should take steps to
minimize or remove metadata from your
Much metadata is generated by collaboration
techniques such as tracked changes, comments,
and annotations, which generate metadata
about the reviewers. This is useful in a
collaborative environment, but after the
document is finished, all that metadata is no
longer required. If you will be publishing the
document, the metadata is a serious privacy
concern, as well.
To help you eliminate metadata and other
private content, Excel offers the Document
Inspector, which you can use to automate the
removal of the private workbook data.
1 Open the workbook that
you want to inspect.
2 Click Save to save the
3 Click File.
4 Click Info.
5 Click Check for Issues.
6 Click Inspect Document.
The Document Inspector
dialog box appears.
7 For each content type
that you do not want
inspected, click to
deselect its check box in
order to deactivate it.
8 Click Inspect.
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