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Assign a Password to a Workbook
Assign a Password
to a Workbook
You can ensure that only authorized users can
open an Excel workbook by assigning a
password to the workbook.
If you have a workbook that contains private,
confidential, or sensitive data, then there are two
situations where you want to prevent
unauthorized users from opening the workbook.
The first situation is when an unauthorized
user gains physical access to your computer,
particularly if you are already logged in. In this
scenario, the person can open the workbook
directly and inspect its contents.
The second situation is when you have shared
the workbook with another person who is
authorized to open the workbook, for example
through e-mail or by placing a copy on your
network. In this scenario, you no longer have
any control over the workbook copy, so you
cannot be certain of whether an unauthorized
user will gain access to the file.
To ensure that only authorized users can open
the workbook, Excel enables you to assign a
password to the workbook. If users do not
have this password, they cannot even open the
document. Assigning a password also encrypts
the workbook, so even users who can access
the file directly on the hard disk cannot view
the file’s contents.
1 Open the workbook you
want to protect with a
2 Click File.
3 Click Save As.
The Save As dialog box
4 Click Tools.
5 Click General Options.
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