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Assign a Password to a Workbook
Chapter 10: Maximizing Excel Security and Privacy
The General Options
dialog box appears.
6 Type the password in
the Password to
Open text box.
For extra protection, you
can also type a password
in the Password to
Modify text box. This
password is required to
edit the document’s
contents. If users do not
have this password, they
can open the document,
but cannot change it in
any way.
7 Click OK.
The Confirm Password
dialog box appears.
8 Retype the password.
9 Click OK.
0 Click Save.
Excel asks if you want to
replace the existing file.
! Click Yes.
Excel saves the workbook
with the password.
The password you use should be a
minimum of eight characters (longer is
better) and should be a mix of uppercase
and lowercase letters and numbers. Note,
too, that Excel differentiates between
uppercase and lowercase letters, so
remember the capitalization that you use.
If you forget your password, there is no
way to retrieve it, and you will never be
able to access your document. As a
precaution, you might want to write down
your password and store the piece of
paper in a safe and secure place.
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