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Disable External Data Connections and Links
Disable External Data
Connections and Links
You can enhance your or another user’s Excel
privacy and security by disabling external
workbook content such as data connections
and links to other workbooks.
A data connection is a communications channel
between Excel and an external data source,
such as a database file or server. Most data
connections are benign, but malicious hackers
can use data connections to gather information
about your system or trick you into running
malicious code.
A workbook link is a formula reference to a cell,
range, or macro in another workbook.
Workbook links are often very useful, but a
nefarious user might link to a macro that runs
malicious code.
By default, Excel temporarily disables a
workbook’s data connections and links. If you
trust the source, you can click the Enable
Content button in the message bar to use the
connections or links. To protect yourself or
another user from potentially malicious
external content, you can disable data
connections and workbook links permanently.
1 Click File.
2 Click Options.
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
3 Click Trust Center.
4 Click Trust Center
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