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Disable External Data Connections and Links
Chapter 10: Maximizing Excel Security and Privacy
The Trust Center dialog
box appears.
If you have the Developer
tab displayed, a quicker
way to open the Trust
Center is to click the
Developer tab and then
click Macro Security (
5 Click External Content.
6 To turn off external data
connections, click to
select the Disable All
Data Connections option.
7 To turn off link updating,
click to select the Disable
Automatic Update of
Workbook Links option.
8 Click OK.
9 Click OK.
Excel puts the new
external content settings
into effect.
More Options!
If you only deal with workbooks that you have created yourself and that you never
distribute to other users, then you might prefer to take the opposite approach and
enable external data connections and workbook links. This can save you time compared
to the Excel default settings of prompting you about external content because you no
longer have to enable the content manually using the message bar.
Follow steps 1 to 5 to display the External Content tab. To turn on external data
connections, click to select the Enable All Data Connections option. To turn on link
updating, click to select the Enable Automatic Update for All Workbook Links option.
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