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Apply a Digital Signature to a Workbook
Apply a Digital Signature
to a Workbook
When you send a workbook to another user,
you can verify to that person that you are the
author of the workbook by applying your
digital signature to the file.
If you send someone a document, how does
that person know it came from you? The only
certain way to authenticate yourself as the
originator of a document is to sign it with a
digital signature that you have obtained from a
certified trust authority. The other person can
then inspect the signature to ensure that it
came from a trusted publisher and that the
document has not since been tampered with,
which would invalidate the signature.
This section also includes information about
how to obtain a digital signature to use with
your Excel workbooks.
1 Open the workbook that
you want to sign.
2 Click File.
3 Click Info.
4 Click Protect Workbook.
5 Click Add a Digital
A dialog box appears,
explaining how digital
signatures are used in
Microsoft Office.
6 Click OK.
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