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Apply a Digital Signature to a Workbook
Chapter 10: Maximizing Excel Security and Privacy
The Sign dialog box
7 Click Sign.
The Signature
Confirmation dialog box
8 Click OK.
Excel applies the digital
signature to the
Note: Excel also marks the
workbook as final. If you click the
Edit Anyway button in the message
bar, Excel removes the digital
signature from the workbook.
To digitally sign an Excel workbook, you
must have a digital ID from a registered
signing authority, and that digital ID must
be usable for securing Microsoft Office
documents. Follow steps 1 to 5, and then
click the Signature Services from the
Office Marketplace button. This opens the
Available Digital IDs Web page, which
offers descriptions of and links to several
trusted signing authorities.
Remove It!
To remove your digital signature from one
of your workbooks, open the workbook,
click the File tab, click Info, and then click
the View Signatures button to display the
Signatures pane. Click the signature, click
the signature’s drop-down arrow, and
then click Remove Signature. When Excel
asks you to confirm the removal, click Yes
and then click OK.
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