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Automatically Insert a Decimal Point
Automatically Insert
a Decimal Point
You can make certain Excel data entry tasks
more efficient by configuring Excel to
automatically insert a decimal point.
Many Excel data entry tasks require you to
type a long list of values that use the same
number of decimal places. The most common
example is a list of currency amounts, which
always have two decimal places. When you are
entering such values, you type the digits to the
left of the decimal point, the decimal point
itself, and then the digits to the right of the
decimal point. In a long list of values, the extra
step required to type the decimal point is a
repetitive action that just slows you down.
To speed up this kind of data entry, you can
configure Excel to add the decimal point for
you automatically. For example, if you tell
Excel to automatically add two decimal places,
then when you type a number such as 123456,
Excel adds the value to the cell as 1234.56.
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Options.
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
3 Click the Advanced tab.
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