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Open the VBA Editor
Chapter 11: Learning VBA Basics
4 Click the plus sign beside
the Modules branch.
Excel displays the
workbook’s modules.
5 Double-click the module
you want to open.
The module window
The VBA Editor opens the
module in a new
If you recorded a macro
and are working with the
workbook that you used
to store that macro, the
recorded code appears in
the module window.
You should store all your macros in the
Personal Macro Workbook. Excel keeps
this workbook open all the time, so the
macros you store in it are always available
to you. Note, however, that Excel keeps
the Personal Macro Workbook hidden,
which is why you do not see it when you
are working in Excel. To see the Personal
Macro Workbook, you must unhide it.
Switch to Excel, click View, click Unhide
Window, click Personal, and then click OK.
If the Unhide command is disabled, or if
you do not see the Personal Macro
Workbook in the Unhide dialog box, then
it is likely that the Personal Macro
Workbook does not exist. In most cases,
Excel only creates this workbook after you
use it to store a recorded macro for the
first time. Follow the steps in the section,
“Record a Macro,” and be sure to select
Personal Macro Workbook from the Store
Macro In drop-down list in the Record
Macro dialog box.
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