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Assign a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
Assign a Macro to the
Quick Access Toolbar
If you have a VBA macro that you use
frequently, you can give yourself one-click
access to the code by assigning that macro to a
button on the Excel Quick Access Toolbar.
The Quick Access Toolbar is the row of
buttons that appears, by default, on the left
side of the title bar.
The more macros you have, the longer it can
take to run the macro you want because you
have to scroll through a long list of macros.
Assigning a shortcut key can help — as
described in the section, “Assign a Shortcut
Key to a Macro” — but Excel only has a
limited number of macro shortcut keys
A better solution is to create a new Quick
Access Toolbar button and assign the macro to
that button. As long as you leave open the
workbook in which the macro is stored, you
have one-click access to the macro. Because
you must have the macro’s workbook open, it
is a good idea to only create toolbar buttons
for macros in your Personal Macro Workbook,
which is always open.
1 Click the Customize
Quick Access Toolbar
2 Click More Commands.
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
Excel automatically
displays the Quick Access
Toolbar tab.
3 Click the Choose
Commands From
drop-down arrow.
4 Click Macros.
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