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Assign a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
Chapter 11: Learning VBA Basics
5 Click the macro you want
to add to the Quick
Access Toolbar.
6 Click Add.
The macro appears in the
list of Quick Access
Toolbar buttons.
7 Click OK.
Excel adds a button for
the macro to the Quick
Access Toolbar.
More Options!
Unfortunately, Excel applies the same icon
image for every macro that you assign to a
Quick Access Toolbar button. To help
distinguish one macro button from
another, you can customize each button
with a suitable icon image. Follow steps 1
and 2 to open the Quick Access Toolbar
tab. Click the macro you want to customize
and then click the Modify button. In the
Modify Button dialog box, click the icon
you want to use and then click OK.
More Options!
If you want to add a number of macros to
the Quick Access Toolbar, you may find
that you soon run out of space in the
toolbar’s default location on the left side
of the title bar. You can give yourself
much more space to add macros by
moving the Quick Access Toolbar below
the ribbon. The easiest way to do this is
to click the Customize Quick Access
Toolbar icon and then click Show Below
the Ribbon.
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