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Assign a Macro to the Ribbon
Assign a Macro
to the Ribbon
You can improve your Excel productivity by
customizing the Ribbon with buttons that run
the macros you use frequently.
If you are looking for a quick way to run a
frequently used macro, you can assign a
shortcut key to the macro, or you can assign a
Quick Access Toolbar button to the macro, as
described in the section, “Assign a Macro to
the Quick Access Toolbar.”
However, neither of these methods enables
you to organize your macros in any way. For
example, you might have a set of macros
related to formatting, another set related to file
management, and so on. To organize these
and other related macros, you can add them to
the Excel Ribbon.
To add a new command to the Ribbon, you
must first create a new tab or a new group
within an existing tab, and then add the
command to the new tab or group.
Display the Customize
Ribbon Tab
1 Right-click any part of the
2 Click Customize the
Add a New Tab or
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
Excel automatically
displays the Customize
Ribbon tab.
1 Click the tab you want to
You can also click
New Tab to create a
custom tab.
2 Click New Group.
Excel adds the group.
3 Click Rename.
4 In the Rename dialog
box, type a name for the
5 Click OK.
2 3
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